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The Netherlands once had a thriving textile industry. There were mines that brought us a lot of employment and prosperity. Where Brainport Eindhoven is now flourishing, it was once doom and gloom when traditional industry went bust: textiles, tobacco, wood processing.

That history is going to repeat itself, but in a different way. We can worry about the future of the process and petrochemical industry in the Port and Industrial complex. Or we can ask ourselves: which opportunities are there for new economic activities? How are we going to earn our money in the future? We mainly see opportunities. Because this is the moment when we can start shaping our ‘Next Economy’!

We don’t pioneer the solutions ourselves (we’re not techies), but we combine them in super tight propositions that pioneer them for us. We are the first follower to make the party possible (see this three-minute TED talk for clarification).

  • & Climate adaptation

Framework for Climate Adaptive Measures

  • & Energy transition
  • & Raw-material transition

Developing international hydrogen chains



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