Circular, sustainable and future-proof.

We put the transition in motion.

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Zonnepanelen en biodiversiteit

Advice, guidance ánd support for municipalities, companies and organisations in realising the climate, energy and raw materials transition.

A transition must take place for climate, energy raw materials and sustainability.

There is a clear vision for this: climate neutral by 2050.

However, the challenge is: how do you make these complex topics feasible? And how do you get all the different interests, objectives and stakeholders moving in the same direction? Our answer is: by initiating collaborations where connection and focus on actual impact are central.

&flux is a team of transition managers who know how to turn ambitious visions and ideals into feasible strategies and actionable step-by-step plans. Experts who create successful partnerships. We put the transition in motion.


We work
on these

Energy transition

Circular economy

Climate adaptation and water

Rural transition

Integral sustainability

Our Themes: towards a future-proof world

Our climate is changing. This has an impact on our living environment and nature. We are faced with sea level rise, flood risks and heat waves. Nothing we can’t prepare for – but we should do it! That is why we are building a climate-adaptive environment in the Netherlands.

At the same time, we strive to limit the consequences of climate change by committing to the circular energy and raw materials transition. This means a transition to a fossil-free world, in which we generate our energy from renewable sources and create a closed-loop economy.

We do not shy away from complex tasks. For example in rural areas, where it is a challenge to integrate nature, climate, nitrogen and agriculture. We also tackle the complexity of sustainability in other areas and within organizations by jointly developing integrated sustainability plans.

These themes translate our mission: making society sustainable and resilient. They are inextricably intertwined and are central to our work.

Themes &flux

What we are
proud of


mogelijkheden voor hergebruikte zonnepanelen
  • & Circular economy
  • & Energy transition

Onderzoek naar de markt voor hergebruikte zonnepanelen in Rotterdam

Smart Energy Systems programme; coping with the energy system of the future
  • & Energy transition

Smart Energy Systems programme; coping with the energy system of the future

Sustainable greenhouse horticulture
  • & Energy transition
  • & Raw-material transition

Greenports climate-neutral


What do we
invest our energy in?


Framework Climate Adaptive Measure
  • & climate adaptation and water

Framework for Climate Adaptive Measures

Developing international hydrogen chains
  • & Energy transition
  • & Raw-material transition

Developing international hydrogen chains

&flux team van transitiemanagers

&flux Team

Making society sustainable and future-proof is what drives us


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