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Building new value chains – that’s what drives us. We like to think in terms of ‘and-and’ rather than ‘either-or’. The future is sustainable and economically profitable. That future requires business models that are innovative and solid. That is why we like to look ahead. for us, the long term precedes the short term, because the future is closer than you think.


We work
on these

Energy transition

Raw-material transition

Climate adaptation

Circular economy

Our Themes: Four Sides of the Same Coin

Our climate is changing. We are therefore helping with the transition to a fossil-free industry by taking the energy transition and the raw material transition as two of our spearheads. For example, by implementing heat and cold storage projects or by boosting large-scale industrial transitions to green hydrogen and CO2 as raw materials. We are doing this to prevent the climate from changing too much.

We have agreed that a temperature rise of more than 2 degrees is ‘too much’. However, an increase of two degrees will also have drastic consequences. More extreme weather. Longer periods of drought. Heatwaves. Cloudbursts. Nothing we can’t prepare for – but we need to do that!

By working on a climate-adaptive Netherlands, we are taking these consequences of climate change into account.

Finally, in our circular economy focus area, we are focusing on raw materials but also on redesigning, on optimising use and on new revenue, organisation and financing models. With a restorative and regenerative economic system as our ideal. This is how we want to work to achieve a cleaner world with no waste problem and closed cycles.

These four themes are inextricably linked and are central to our work.


What we are
proud of

  • & Energy transition

Hydrogen Valley Estonia 

  • & Energy transition

Smart Energy Systems programme; coping with the energy system of the future

  • & Energy transition
  • & Raw-material transition

Greenports climate-neutral



What do we
invest our energy in?

  • & Climate adaptation

Framework for Climate Adaptive Measures

  • & Energy transition
  • & Raw-material transition

Developing international hydrogen chains



We’re building coalitions that are making the world future-proof


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