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  • Noord- en Zuid-Holland
  • 2016-20
  • Petrus, Thea, Mark

What is CO2: a dangerous gas or a valuable resource? The large quantity of CO2 that is emitted into our atmosphere by human activity is causing climate change. National and international government organisations now recognise that this is a threat not only to our quality of life and safety but also to that of future generations. That is why major emission reductions have been promised – for example, at the COP21 climate conference in Paris. The Netherlands wants to achieve a CO2emission reduction of 85-95% by 2050. How are we all going to achieve this?

About this proposition

Part of the answer, of course, lies in reducing CO2 emissions – for example, by investing in a cleaner energy supply and industry. However, this transition will take some time, particularly in the case of the steel industry, for example. &Flux therefore believes that another, at least as important, part of the answer lies in the (temporary) storage and especially the reuse of CO2, also called Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS). If we no longer want to use fossil fuels in the future, because they cause an increase in the CO2concentration in the air, we will have to fuel our (industrial) processes with a different carbon source. Waste and biomass are simply not adequate for this.

&Flux has therefore been working since 2016 with many partners to develop such a new system. From 2016 to 2018, we worked under the name CO2 Smart Grid on developing a (pre-)feasibility study by providing others with a Life Cycle Analysis, a Technology Assessment and a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (MKBA). Having completed this feasibility phase, we are now working on making the CO2 Smart Grid a reality and getting CCS and CCU off the ground in the Netherlands. We are doing this under the name CO2 Smart Use.

Our proposition will have a new website from September: The website includes an extensive index of national and international companies involved in CCU in the Netherlands. Would you also like to register?

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