Climate-Adaptive Rijswijk – from action list to implementation programme!

Climate-Adaptive Rijswijk – from action list to implementation programme!

In 2020, &Flux showed the local authority what it could do to adapt the living environments to the effects of climate change (Action Plan for Climate-Adaptive Rijswijk). We are delighted and proud to announce that we have also been asked to oversee the next step towards achieving a Climate-Adaptive Rijswijk. From what we can do to become more climate adaptive to how we are going to build a climate-adaptive Rijswijk!

Over the next few months, internal and regional stakeholders will use the previously drafted Action Plan to explore how the climate adaptation ambition and vision can tie in with current projects and programmes. We will then examine what needs to be organised and what role the local authority is willing to play in terms of activating and engaging residents, regional partners and the business community (project developers and industrial zones).

With Rijswijk among the original partners in the Climate-Adaptive Construction Covenant, the agreements and practices of the Covenant will be at the heart of this process.

It goes without saying that a programme-based approach also needs to include a corresponding investment agenda and therefore a Council Decision. &Flux will handle the entire process and the corresponding projects. We will be working on project components with SaWa (link) – a company we have very much enjoyed working with in the past.

Michiel is the project manager and can update you and answer your questions.

Email directly!

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