South Holland nourishing its own soil!

It’s almost our first anniversary! What started with Peter and Sander plus a few projects gained momentum in one year and grew into a 12-man strong team. Each and every one of them is an enthusiastic person working together on a future-proof Netherlands with knowledge and coalitions.

We prefer to operate off the beaten track to establish broad chain collaborations in all kinds of areas. From recycled sheet metal to sustainable construction, and from smart energy systems to the CO2 Smart Grid, we are getting things done together with our clients and partners. There are still plenty of challenges ahead of us before we can say that we are truly future proof!

And with all the challenges out there, there are also challenges on the inside. Because since we started, we’ve mainly been at home, we have colleagues who only know each other two-dimensionally and we’ve been sharing our knowledge and ideas via Zoom, Teams or other platforms. We organise our work around our projects and we share a lot of information with one another, but the more people in our organisation, the harder it is to keep doing what we do properly.

Once you realise that the ideal team size is between five and nine people, you know that it is time to start building a future-proof organisation, at &Flux as well.

What’s our magic word for 2021? Structure. Structure inside that enables us to take on the adventure beyond our doors. A structure that allows us to develop – to develop as a team. A structure that will make it possible for us to venture into new territory under our own steam. But above all, a structure that gives us the opportunity to reflect so that we can continuously adapt our own organisational structure. If there are 12 of you, you work differently to when there are 16, and 16 people work differently to 20. In short: work resiliently as a team!

Because, obviously, structure is like having a rake in the shed: it’s no good to us if we don’t learn to use it. Curious to find out how we intend to design our rake to become the most popular tool in the shed? Wondering how we are going to help our clients and partners in the process? Get in touch with us!

Mariëtte likes to start the conversation!


Curious about how we will help our clients and partners with this?

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