• Gepubliceerd: 25 March 2021
  • Door: Thea Timmermans

A robustly built environment and accelerate this? How? This question prompted Ministry of Internal Affairs to conduct an exploration of climate-adaptive measures from the perspective of the ‘practice professional’.

Which measures are already often used by builders and developers? What do we have experience with? And what knowledge is available about these measures? For example: can they be applied to any soil type, are they effective against climate effects, and what investment costs are involved?

This exploration, which @&Flux was commissioned to do, resulted in:

  1. a table giving an overview of known and frequently applied measures;
  2. an overview of considerations based on practice;
  3. recommendations on ‘chain collaborations’ between government authorities, developers and builders.

Curious? Click here for the reports! PLEASE NOTE: The table in Report 1 is still open to debate. If you have another or better example of ‘low-hanging fruit’ in terms of measures that we could and should apply right now, then please let us know!

Suggest other measures?


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