Climate adaptation: from policy to practice
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • The Netherlands
  • 2020
  • Sander, Thea

We are all aware of the challenge: increasing weather extremes are requiring us to build in different ways. Fortunately, we are already familiar with many measures that can help us do this. And more and more of such measures are being added. But why is one measure taken and another not taken or not taken so often?

About this project

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is developing an Action Agenda for Climate Adaptation together with organisations such as Neprom, Aedes, Bouwend NL, VNG and IPO. One of the activities in this Action Agenda is to make an inventory of implementable climate-adaptive measures, or measures that professionals such as builders and project developers can take effectively and in the short term in, on or to buildings and public space.

&Flux is drawing up an inventory of these measures. The main focus is on ‘professionals’ who build and maintain buildings and structures. Which measures are they already taking? And which considerations are playing a role in this? Affordability, availability, delivery time, adaptability to work processes and construction methods, proven robustness of the product, required knowledge and other aspects – all of these factors can be important. The main outcomes and insights of this research include input for the new Building with Nature Action Program that Association of Dutch Property Developers (NEPROM) is launching with Bouwend Nederland (Dutch Association of Construction and Infra Companies), among others.

You can view and download the reports below;

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