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  • Gepubliceerd: 16 November 2020
  • Door: Michiel Pols
Action plan Climate Adaptive Rijswijk

The climate is changing. The average temperature is rising. Drier springs and summers, wetter winters.

Extreme precipitation can occur more often and more violently. In more and more places, there are ‘heat islands’. We are experiencing these and other manifestations of the changing climate more often and more clearly; the impact of weather extremes on our living environment is increasing.

Against this background, the municipality of Rijswijk is working on its future. And in that future also, Rijswijk wants to be an attractive municipality with a pleasant living environment. That is why the municipality of Rijswijk is not just part of the ‘South Holland Urbanisation Alliance’ and the ‘Climate-Adaptive Building Covenant’ but is also focusing on sustainability. An energy vision is being developed and attention is being paid to ‘green’ and ‘blue’ in the city.

The municipality of Rijswijk has asked &Flux to come up with a Climate-Adaptive Rijswijk action plan as a precursor to a final Implementation Agenda in accordance with the Delta Plan Spatial Adaptation administrative agreement. To draw up the Action Plan, &Flux organised a broad kick-off session in the municipality to gain bottom-up insight into the internal dynamics and to create ownership of the assignment (awareness).

The concrete policy, project and thematic opportunities were identified in in-depth discussions with project and programme leaders and stakeholders from the region.

We are currently in the process of summarising everything in an action plan with an assessment framework. This will enable the municipality to get started as soon as possible with its climate adaptation ambitions. In short, streamlining the enthusiasm and the drive in Rijswijk to create a vital and attractive living environment! 

We are proud to present our report!!

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